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chilly. monrovia in the 20s right now. 28 degrees to be exact with that dew point of 21. the winds are nice and light this morning. nothing like what we saw yesterday. so that's going to help things out just a bit. but still cold nonetheless. in annapolis right now we can see what's going on at 34 degrees. that dew point at 25. and as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry right now. and this trend will continue right through the afternoon. lots of sunshine will be on tap for today. we look at it like this. by 10:00 that temperature only 39 and by lunchtime only 42 degrees. bundle up this morning and stay that way. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning -- >> my forecast is clear, want the roads? >> so far, so good on 83. there are no problems to report here on hunt valley. traffic moving right along from shawan road all the way down to the beltway. here's a live look actually i'll show you what the beltway looks like a live picture in a few minutes coming up. but 695 great shape checking in and taking a look at the drive
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times. just 11 minutes right now on the east side from 95 all the way up to 83. the outer loop will remain clear over on the west side of the beltway. you're looking at just 11 minute trip traveling from 795 down to 95. and no concerns this morning traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel. it's going to take you just eight minutes northbound from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. he's only 59 years old and already he has had four strokes. >> now michael brandy is walking across the united states in honor of stroke survivors everywhere. brandy will arrive in baltimore today. he's passing through the city on his way from maine to miami. brandy's mission is to raise awareness for the early warning signs of stroke. he hopes his efforts will also bring those recovering from strokes a little bit more hope. brandy who does walk with a cane has already gone 800 miles since october 1st. the walk isn't the first time brandy has taken on this type of an adventure. video and pictures from the past trips. >> in 2010 he walked from
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newport beach, california all the way to washington, d.c.. last year, he walked from san diego to seattle. we'll be watching him. the neighborhoods surrounding johns hopkins university may soon be getting the makeover. today the president of the college and the mayor will be on hand for the announce. the new plan comes after last year's homewood community partners initiative. it brought together community members and the university to come up with ways to help the north baltimore area thrive more. many couples have been waiting a lifetime for today. >> today same sex couples are unstop closer to -- one step closer to getting legally married. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is downtown live with more on this story. this is a big day. >> reporter: yes, it certainly is. we are here live in front of courthouse east where many same sex couples are expected to line up today for their marriage licenses. the place will be a pretty busy place today. even though they will have the license, they won't actually be
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able to tie the knot until january 1st when that new law goes into effect. the governor is expected to formally ratify the election results allowing clerks to hand out marriage certificates today. now the clerk of courts can choose not to issue licenses until january 2nd when the law officially goes into effect. one of the compromises proponents of same sex marriage struck to get enough votes in the house of delegates was a provision that prevented the new law from taking effect before midnight, december 31st. now attorney general doug gansler says that clerks may issue licenses as soon as the governor declares same sex marriage approved by voters which he's going to do today. the only restriction was that the licenses cannot be affected before midnight on january it's. a pretty big day -- 1st. a pretty big day for same sex couples. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. baltimore county school superintendent proves he is open to all suggestions with making your child's school better place.
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dr. dance held the first of two student town hall meetings yesterday. about 60 county high schoolers attended that meeting and they got to chance to ask their superintendent direct questions about what he's doing to improve the schools. >> and i think we'll have a really, really good plan for being reacted. what i try to do is change the conversation to be proactive. when you're proactive you actually have environments that are built where kids feel like they're connected to the school. that's why you always hear me talk about do our kids really feel like someone at the school knows them and understands them and they can go to the person if they have a problem with anything. some schools are doing extremely well. some schools are building the system now. >> he is also engaging students through social media and they could submit questions through twitter as well as facebook. making national headlines today. members of the team gathered to say farewell. players coaches and staff joined belcher's family and friends at a memorial service
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yesterday. belcher killed himself in a murder/suicide last week. he killed his girlfriend perkins at their home saturday morning and then shot himself in front of chiefs' coaches and management at the stadium. belcher and perkins leave behind a 3-month-old daughter. the aurora, colorado movie theater where the gunman opened fire earlier this year getting ready to reopen. the city's mayor says it will open to the public on january 18th. before the reopening family members of shooting victims will be allowed inside that movie theater. the movie theater plans to run free movies to the public for the first couple of days. it has been undergoing remodeling and a revamping for the last two months. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and hurting 58 others in that theater shooting that happened earlier this year. beginning today people in washington state can legally smoke pot. adults will be allowed to have up to an ounce of marijuana. just like drinking you can't
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smoke pot in public places. earlier this morning people in washington state broke that new law. they held a smokeout beneath seattle's space needle. others are planning to hold a party in seattle. a movie hasn't even hit theaters yet and it's already creating incredible oscar buzz. >> we're talking about the film "zero dark thirty" and depiction of the hunt for osama bin laden. the attention it's already receiving and why some say this film is one that you don't want to miss. >> and no bonuses. you'll learn why more americans are spending the holidays with the security of a little extra cash and why employers are handing those bonuses out.
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one film that isn't even out yet is already creating some oscar buzz. "zero dark thirty" has been named the best film of 2012. the director and actress jessica which is tape also scored awards. actor ben affleck will receive a special film making achievement ward for his film. are you expecting a holiday bonus to help with all that christmas shopping you still have to do?
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if so think of another way the complete that list. according to a survey of employers many companies are not paying their workers full bonuses this year. they're blaming the increase in eligibility standards and the struggling economy for the new trend. you called it a roller coaster lynette. warm a few days ago, this morning when i walked outside. uh-huh. >> did you have the coat? >> no. >> you didn't bring your coat? >> what's wrong with you? >> i didn't want to go back in and get the coat. i'll suffer. >> okay, don't do what charlie did people. you want the coat this morning. he is not a good example whatsoever. make sure you layer yourself as you head out the door this morning and we have lots of sunshine though throughout the day. temperatures really dropping off this morning. because we don't have any type of cloud cover. no type of weather to talk about. if you want the weather you have to head back over towards the midwest because you're getting some rain and snow across michigan this morning: and also wisconsin and we're dealing with some wet weather and also this will continue as we go through time and that area.
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but we're not going to be dealing with that today. we'll be dealing with lots of sunshine to the bus this morning. 31 degrees the sun is not going to warm us up through the day. 44 by this afternoon. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. if you are traveling in anne arundel county watch out for malfunctioning travel lights on crane highway at mayo road. but in baltimore everyoning is nice can -- everything nice and clear here on the jfx. no delays heading downtown. 695 also in great shape. no delays all the way around. and here's a look at 95 just north of 195. traffic picking up along the northbound lanes but no delays as you head up towards the tunnels and it is nice and clear traveling southbound to d.c.. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. it's a challenge one mayor is up for to see how millions of us live. >> you knew there'd the challenges along the -- be
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challenges along the way. how corey booker is doing on the challenge. >> and the holidays can be hard. this morning one man who is doing his part making a season a bit brighter for some who are returning home from the front lines.
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taking a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world this morning. egyptian president mohammed morsi is expected to address the nation later on today. his chief of staff made the announcement early this morning as protestors battled the president's supporters outside of the palace. last night in egypt the demonstrations erupted into violence and people are angry over his assumption of sweeping powers last month. they reported at least five people died overnight in those fights. egypt inches closer to a scheduled december 15th referendum on a new constitution. to syria now where there are now fears the country has bombs armed with deadly gas. it can kill a person in a matter of minutes with just a tiny drop. the syrian regime has been very careful not to confirm they
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have the weapons. the state department belows the on going fighting in the country is growing closer to the president. officials in u.s. are now looking into reports that president's assad people are looking for place for him to go into exile. they were pink to awareness of breast cancer and now professional firefighters in anne arundel county are making a big donation to the cause. a check for $10,000 to the susan g. komen foundation later today. chris christie will be asking for more help rebuilding his state after hurricane sandy devastated that area. he'll then head to new york. chick peas and lettuce, that's all he's eating for breakfast. newark mayor booker is now into the third day of living on food stamps. now until december 12th he agreed to eat only what he could buy for $4 a day. this idea came from a twitter conversation he had with a
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woman. people in the u.s. can now travel to cuba. president barack obama eased restrictions earlier this year but the tourists still can't come and go as they please. there are still restrictions on what they can see and what they can do. it's been put in place by the u.s. government. the voices will be back in baltimore this weekend. we're talking about the joyous voices of the acappella caroling group. they're going to perform at the walters' art museum on sunday. it will take place in the afternoon and filled with hot cocoa and a lot of holiday goodies. the concert runs from 1:00 until 4:00 sunday afternoon. this time last year u.s. military personnel were deployed to iraq and afghanistan. now many are spending christmas with their families for the first time in years and abc2 news lament williams explains. >> reporter: lupus was stationed in iraq. his wife mary was home with four children and trying to
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literally hold down the fort. >> the lawn mower would chase me down the hill. it would take me three days to mow it because i would have to do it during nap time. the older kids were too small to help out. >> reporter: the services include helping deployed veterans maintain their lawns. >> it was like nearly impossible for her to take care of the lawn. so we took care of the lawn for the summer. >> reporter: as the christmas season approached the season turns to decorating houses. remembering jeff was deployed -- >> i thought i'd decorate their house. i asked them about it and we did it in red and green while i was in bel air. >> you are just trying to survive christmas let alone get up the christmas lites. >> reporter: jeff didn't return home from iraq until april and didn't see the decorated house. roble decided to do the -- rob decided to do the house again for pro. >> i know it's from his heart. he's in the spirit of giving
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and i think it's wonderful. it's great. >> reporter: besides, if rob and his company christmas decor weren't on the roof, guess who would be? >> i would be up there doing this right now. if it weren't for these guys. it wouldn't be as -- >> pretty? >> glamorous i don't think. >> i would actually be kind of concerned whether or not he would make it off the roof. >> we have lights. it's like a little gift. give a little something back. just a good feeling. >> just to have everyone home together and being able to enjoy everything together. just -- it's a huge -- you look at it differently. >> reporter: in aberdeen, i'm lament williams, abc2 news. >> since we're talking about the spirit of giving we want to tell you you can get involved and spread holiday cheer to children this holiday season. the kinder time toy drive. give new unwrapped toy to help make the holidays special for
5:50 am
maryland families in need. we're taking toys up until december 19. the spirit of giving and for the season go to for all those dropoff locations. how you can help out. so while it is the season of giving, needs to feel like the holidays too. >> absolutely and we're getting there lynette because it's finally that feeling of that chill in the air. that winter sort of represents especially the holidaysment but it's been crazy because we have 70 earlier this week. >> exactly and we're getting a little bit for everybody. a lot of people liking these colder temperatures on the facebook they have been sounding off. i'm glad about that. 31 degrees in glen oak this morning. 29 in hickory. and 34 in annapolis this morning. chesapeake beach coming in at 34 and good morning to you chestertown you're at 31. elkton 30 and 31 mardela springs. you know what this all means? you need the bigots and dress in layers. as you -- big coats and dress in layers throughout the day. because we have high pressure at the surface. with that you get that
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northwesterly flow. that clockwise flow bringing in that colder air. this will continue throughout the day. and then we will begin to see some change in the forecast. and this is represented in the future trend. so looking good. high pressure lots of sunshine. but as we go into the evening time frame that's when we'll begin to have more clouds tomorrow we do have a chance for a shower in the forecast for us, but for today that temperature coming in 44 degrees, mostly sunny and colder. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well we are off to a cold start and if you are traveling in glen burnie this morning you will want to be extra careful on crane highway. we have malfunctioning traffic lighting at mayo road as well as hospital drive. treat these intersections as a four way stop. no delays right now on 97. it's nice and clear whether you're heading down to route 50 or headed authority up to 695. as we -- north up to 695. as we head up to hunt valley. traffic moving right along. and as we check in and take a
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look at the other drive times. 695 in great shape. you're looking at just 11 minute ride right now on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and no problems on the west side of the beltway. # 1 minute ride as well traveling the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. for some of us retirement can't get here soon enough. others though see in reason in quitting after hitting 65. >> up next you will meet a man still giving it his all to bring their families their news even as he gets closer and closer to hitting the century mark. >> how are you doing? let's say you want to get ahead in your career.
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thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. the title is paper boy but at one man's age probably considered a paper man. >> the 86-year-old great grandfather loves riding his bike. he does it delivering newspapers. bud share loads the basket with bulletins and every afternoon at 3:00 the great grandpa delivers and becomes a paper boy. >> he says delivering the paper is not just a job. but an opportunity to get around and meet new people. >> i'm going to drop here too
5:56 am
-- that one in the country here. >> however, i've never had a younger paper boy that's dependable as this older paper boy is. >> i just called him my paper >> try it some time. you'll like it too. >> that's the paper pop. >> good for you. with age comes responsibility. you hear that guy? he gets its done. he says only a foot of snow would prevent him from riding that bike and delivering the news. well, it could be the last chance for one father to fight for his daughter here in the united states. >> coming up in morning at 6:00 -- this morning at 6:00 the superior court is now set -- supreme court is now set to hear a complicated custody case involving international borders and treaties. there are common items found around the home in the winter months. how to keep your kids safe from the dangers of eye drops and nasal spray. >> and maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. but there are some showers in the forecast, when those arrive coming up. >> and everything is up to speed here on 95 and white
5:57 am
marsh at route 43. we do however have some trouble in glen burnie. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland."
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same sex couples who have been waiting to say tear i dos -- their i dos are

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